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Dr. Kimberly Mah Dalke & Dr. Myron Dalke

Chiropractic Care Changed Our Life

Drs. Myron and Kimberly Mah Dalke, Chiropractors Winnipeg South

Drs. Myron and Kimberly Mah Dalke

“I just wish that I had known sooner how different my life could be,” recalls Dr. Myron, when asked about how chiropractic changed his life. “I grew up a very active teenager, playing soccer and running track, but I always had this nagging back and knee pain that really interfered with my training. Then my high school sweetheart introduced me to her chiropractor, and it was like a switch turned on! My pain went away, I could train and compete much stronger. I later married that woman (Dr. Kim) who gave me the great advice to get adjusted!”

Dr. Kimberly was guided towards a career in chiropractic from an early age. “I remember visiting my chiropractor at the age of five, and being awestruck by the huge fish tank he had in his reception room,” remembers Dr. Kimberly. “I loved getting adjusted, knowing that I would leave feeling great.” As time went on, and the desire to help others live their healthiest life grew, chiropractic became the natural choice for Dr. Kimberly. As Dr. Myron experienced the benefits of chiropractic care in his life, he too began the journey to become a chiropractor.

Drs. Kimberly and Myron attended Life Chiropractic College West in Northern California, upon the recommendation of their chiropractor, after attending the University of Winnipeg. “Life West” is well known for its education in the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic, and being near the ocean sounded like a great idea for two prairie raised “Winnipegers”. The doctors graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2002 with their Doctorate of Chiropractic.

Drs. Myron and Kimberly firmly believe that they are in partnership with each and every patient on their journey towards health. As chiropractors, they offer a different way of thinking about life, health and healing, and they offer care that incorporates the knowledge that the power that made the body, heals the body. Nothing makes them happier than when patients who have had severe health challenges are able to get back to the things they love in life, and there is no greater joy than when a parent brings their child in for an adjustment to help keep them healthy in the first place. Drs. Kimberly and Myron are authors, lecturers, as well as practicing chiropractors. They are continually searching for the most cutting-edge information to best help the community they serve and care for.

Winnipeg South Chiropractor and family

Edwin, Dr. Myron, Dr. Kimberly, & Maxwell

Drs. Myron and Kimberly were raised in Winnipeg, and met while in high school. Together they left for school in California, then moved to New Jersey to practice for several years and got married. While in New Jersey, Dr. Myron became a volunteer firefighter, and Dr. Kimberly became certified to teach kickboxing. Eventually the call of family and home was too strong to ignore and they decided to time to serve the community they knew best. Winnipeg is a long way from California and New Jersey, but it was the right place for them to open their practice together. When not in their practice passionately serving patients, you will find them spending time with family and friends, or see Dr. Myron on the golf course, or playing a game of soccer, while Dr. Kimberly is out for a jog or enjoying the great outdoors.

“Enough about us! How can we help you and your family achieve better health through today’s safe and natural chiropractic care? Please feel welcome to visit or call us so we can help you get started on your journey back to better health, we can’t wait to meet you.”